Difference between ASP.Net MVC and MVP

Ever since Microsoft released MVC, this is one of the common questions in everyone’s mind is the Difference between MVC and MVP.  The two patterns are having much similarities compare to their differences. The both patterns are evolved on separation of concerns and both contain Views and Models.

But when comes to the difference part, the major difference is the way handling the incoming request. In MVP, the incoming request comes to View and View is delegating it to presenter. And presenter is responsible for
talk to model and update the view. Here model is completely shielding from View. Where as in MVC, all incoming requests are intercepting by the controller and controller is responsible for generating the correct View and Model. Here View is aware of the model

ASP.Net MVP Vs.Asp.Net MVC

The MVP pattern will built on ASP.Net WebForms. The WebForms development paradigm uses Viewstate. In large Web application it will cause some performance issues.  ASP.Net MVC is new alternative frame work and it view is state less.

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